Finishing Christmas On A Budget

TEN Days!

Well, really less than ten full days until Christmas! If you are like 90% of the population, most of you have not finished your Christmas shopping just yet. Here are a couple of tips I wanted to share with you to not only get those last minute gifts but to also stay on budget!


Everyone appreciates a nice homemade gift!


These baskets cost less than $5 each, and they are the perfect gift for your co-workers or cousins that you want to show you love them, but you also don’t want to break the bank. I got the baskets and mugs as well as the sticks for the chocolate dipped marshmallows from the Dollar Tree. Picked up the pack of cards from the Dollar Bin at Target as well as the marshmallows and ingredients for the chocolate chip cookies. If you are not a baker, any small pack of cookies will do, and you don’t have to go as fancy on the dipped marshmallow stick that I did. This basket is so customizable, you could even add more or less depending on your style and budget!

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 8.06.59 PM

I recently stumbled upon these cleaning supplies and I am hooked! Grove Collaborative has this amazing deal where you can order just $20 worth of product and you get a free 4  piece gift set, as well as a surprise gift (right now it is an adorable bamboo cutting board). This is a great way, to get you a little something and give a little something at the same time. Want it all to be a gift, you can easily put together three decent size gift set for each person, but be sure to order by December 17th to ensure an on-time delivery!

Here is the link:

Giving Your Time


Sometimes, your time is so much more valuable than any gift you could give. We all have that friend, who we have been meaning to catch up with. A few ideas to consider are cards, letting a loved one know that coffee is on you next time, or maybe a “coupon” for a free babysitting service so your sister and her husband can have a date night. To some, time is more perfect than anything you can put under the tree!

These are just a few out of the box ideas that I love to give for Christmas! Hope these may help ease your mind through this Christmas craziness! Gosh, I love this time of year.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Questions For You:

1.) What is your Christmas Trick to stay on budget during this busy season?

2.) Any amazing budget-friendly traditions you would like to share? I am always looking for new and amazing ideas to start!


2 thoughts on “Finishing Christmas On A Budget”

  1. You are so right!
    The last couple of years I have been doing my best to give my time and attention instead of spending money on materials someone may not want or need. I hate clutter, so I’m not a fan of giving it!
    My favorite Christmas trick to stay on budget is to give Consumable Gifts. Gifts like homemade apple butter and a loaf of homemade bread cost pennies, and you can attach a sweet note.
    My husband and I are giving my five year old nephew a Coupon Book of things to do with us. Park with Uncle Joe, Pool with Uncle Joe, Ice Cream with Uncle Joe, Movies with Uncle Joe, etc. He doesn’t want or need any toys or THINGS, and this gift goes on throughout the year!
    A lot of times just paying attention to the people in your life makes a big difference. I have a coworker that forgets her breakfast almost every day and raids the vending machine by 10:30. For her birthday, I made her homemade breakfast burritos to keep in the freezer at work and she almost cried at how thoughtful and sweet and not cluttery it was!
    Love the post, thanks for sharing!


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