When You Don’t Even Have 2¢ Leftover

Let’s face it. We all get a little pep in our step on payday. There is just something about our bank account getting a little fatter that has us lifting our heads a little higher!

My husband, Taylor, and I both get paid every other Thursday, so for a good 24 hours I feel like we are living large, we are so secure, and we can conquer the world. Then comes Friday, when it’s time to allocate bills, put money in envelopes for groceries, gas, and other little odd-and-ends expenses. There was a time, I would literally dread waking up the Friday after payday because I knew that once I allocated everything, we wouldn’t even have 2¢ left over for anything fun! We have all been told or read articles on “5 ways to save money”, but what do you do when you’ve already done those 5 things and more?

My husband and I don’t have cable, we don’t have car payments because we bought vehicles within our means (in cash $$$), we never ate out, used coupons when we grocery shopped, bought off brand when we did shop, used creative ideas to have super cheap or free date nights, what is left for us to cut to save money? There was nothing else we could do!

Here are the two magic words that got my husband and me through the most difficult financial time of our lives.

***Side Hustles*** 

When you don’t have any money left over in the budget, you just have to make more! Thankfully, I had experience in baking, so I started making cakes pastries on the side to make a little extra cash. Taylor had a friend with his own DJ company, so he started picking up gigs from him and working as a wedding DJ over the weekend. One of my old chefs from culinary school needed help on Saturday mornings with his farmer’s market stand, so I helped him every Saturday morning I was available. There is money out there to be made, you just need to find it! 

Those DJ gigs my husband did for his friend turned into him being able to purchase his own DJ equipment, and now we do our own DJ gigs and get 100% of the profit, my birthday cake baking here and there, turned into me being able to do wedding cakes for a bigger profit as well.

Guess what! Even though Taylor and I are at a better place financially, we are STILL hustling! What motivates us to hustle, is because we are striving to pay off our student loans as quickly as possible, but we also take the time to enjoy our extra earnings as well!

Questions for You:

What is your side hustle?

What motivates you to hustle?

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