Here We Go!

I have gone back and forth on starting this blog. Especially because it seems like everyone is blogging now, and who wants another random post to fill their timeline? Not saying that I let other people decide what I do, but to me, it is similar to not using a baby name once your friend used it. Sounds silly, I know, but for those of you who don’t know me, you are going to learn real quick that I am honest, almost to a fault.

My name is Elizabeth Clyde, I am 25, a pastor’s wife, and a hard core budgeter! If you were to ask me my biggest goal right now, the answer is “To get out of debt AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!” Specifically, student loan debt, followed by seeing how quickly we can pay off our mortgage! Speaking of mortgage…. today marks one year of being a homeowner! My husband and I worked hard to become homeowners at 24, and I can’t wait to share that journey in a future post!

My love for budgeting and finances came quickly to me once we were faced with about $75,000 of student loan debt. It became like a game, “how do I do this in the most efficient way possible?!?” Since then, I have read and learned so much, that I have been approached about possibly doing a small group teaching on being a millennial and budgeting.

I have even been interviewed by one of the money blogs I follow. They sent out an email asking their readers to share their stories, and they liked mine so much, Bob shared it on his blog! It was during that interview, I started thinking to myself, “maybe just maybe, I could also write a blog”. Here’s a link if you want to check it out: Millennial Money Man:

So, here we are! My shot at sharing one of my passions! I hope you guys enjoy reading my two cents as much as I will sharing it! Feel free to check out the blog I was interviewed for that started it all!



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